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Suyu railway plays
author:admin source:Suyu  published time:2012/8/23 9:21:26  browse the number:1178
Ming yu railway main products: railway accessories, fish bolt, fork bolts, spike, screw spike, screw spike, guard rail spike, gauge apron, fish plate, pressure plate and gusset plate, rail fastener and rail pad, rubber plate, insulation gauge rod, gauge blocks, C without gusset plate, bolts, etc.
Ming yu railway fasteners categories: hex bolt, hex nut, U bolts, expansion bolts, V type bolt, T bolt, stud bolt, carriage bolt, live section bolts, anchor bolts, square head bolt, spring washers, flat pad, fangxie pads, nylon lock nuts, threaded rod, stranding bolt, extra large bolt head bolt.
Ming yu railway through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. Ming yu railway products are exported to overseas, worldwide, the production of railway products passed the BV, SGS, ABS and other international well-known testing institutions strict detection, Ming yu railway adhering to the "vying for the top 500, shi do 500" sustainable business management concept; "Among the industry forefront, vying for the world first, customers, employees, degree of satisfaction maximization; product quality zero defect, zero distance communication services" for the enterprise and business vision; To "honest and trustworthy, enthusiastic dedication, customer first, quick reaction, have the courage to change, the pursuit of excellence" for the enterprise values of 24 words, committed to become a world-class railway fastener supplier.