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Suyu railroad spike
author:admin source:Suyu  published time:2012/8/23 8:52:40  browse the number:1216
8 * 80 Ming yu rail spike, spike, 10 * 100 spike, screw spike, screw spike # six# model is different, if you have any need, please call us consulting or web site message, the quotation we give you is the lowest price, and ensure that qualified product quality, complete documents for mine spike and sleeper or plate is mainly used for connecting rail and sleeper railway general spike and mining common spike of the specifications of the commonly used are: x 8 * 100, 80, 10, 12, 14, 120 x 130, 16 x, 165, according to customer requirements, can be customized 205, 16 x, 230, 16 * 16 * 255, 16 * 280 different specifications of the spike can be divided into manual, such as mechanism of spike and spike two kinds. (manual spike is made by hand and become, appearance size is uneven, but the price is low, general according to tons shipment: mechanism of spike machine made after forging, heat treatment, wire sets of processes such as manufacturing and become, no matter the shape and size and availability is the best choice, just price is a little higher, generally in a shipment, mechanism of spike are all made of high-quality carbon steel guitar and Su Yu railway rails steel as raw material, forging, mechanism of forming, and adopt continuous isothermal quenching furnace processing, the product has good quality tough and durable, elegant appearance and other characteristics, shape size internal quality performance and mechanisms to achieve ministerial standard and inspection qualified