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Railway reform next step: purse strings down have bigger differences
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Have been discussing the mor to local decentralization scheme of railway administrations, the most controversial is the purse strings (revenue sharing and cost accounting) how down, are talking about the matching purse strings down a solution is: the local railway administrations have more autonomy in distribution of income in the future, the ministry of railways to set pay rise to local railway administrations of upper and lower limits. Said the source, are discussing in the current railway administrations in overall compensation will not be able to increase more than 24%, the per capita annual income expectations after 5 years rail system could reach 100000 yuan. However, the above discussion has not yet formed a formal file. The railway decentralized solution has been formed in late march a draft system, demonstrated in mor and mid-level cadres meeting, but due to financial devolution has bigger differences, since then has been to smell more progress. Compensation of the railway administrations place class cadres and front-line workers income gap is the most great in about 10 times the news was not confirmed by the ministry of railways. Railway design of the whole system of compensation is not civil service pay system docking. Southwest jiaotong university, vice President of the institute of transportation ShuaiBin said, in addition to the ministry of personnel is incorporated into the civil service salary system, each railway administrations of employee compensation management is by rail to a distribution system. The principle that the ministry of railways, according to the work quota determine the staffing of the railway administrations, implementing all-in salary plan. The reality is, through the ministry of railways redistribution down all-in salary liquidation system, generally cannot meet the demand of railway administrations pay. Railway administrations often through multiple business outside of the main business (such as real estate development, advertising, etc.) along the railway, the railway administrations retained part of the employee income subsidies in the form of bonuses tube. ShuaiBin said, local railways will also compiled by cutting cost control methods such as per capita income to increase the tube. Local railways a place class management cadre, according to his own salary is roughly three pieces, post salary, salary skills such as bonus and performance appraisal. Post salary and skill wage is in accordance with the all-in salary plan set up the ministry of railways, the ministry of railways of the salary system for different jobs and different levels of skill level set on the compensation standards, the source post salary and skills after the monthly payment to pay, probably in WuLiuQian yuan. And is an important part of overall compensation bonuses from performance appraisal, divided into ABCD four levels, which is according to the situation of income retained by the local railway. The place class cadres, for example, if the ratings for A, A month can 'income of 6000 yuan of bonus, passive, no bonuses to D level. In most cases, B, C grade is more common, an average of roughly, monthly bonus will be in 4000 yuan. Possible salary system with rail decentralization reform and adjustment, independent variables will appear in the local railway administrations bonuses this part. Close to the ministry of railways, according to people familiar with the policy adjustment of discussion, it is fit to local delegate part of revenue sharing and cost accounting, this will not be a single adjustment, salary system to adjust at the same time there must be a series of financial and operational autonomy how down, otherwise it may be reduced to only give policy not to give money. These people say, because of the decentralization of local revenue growth, the ministry of railways to the positive feedback to the employees, improve the railway staff mainly front-line workers income is too low, but also need to control the growth in compensation range, avoid causing social controversy. In fact, the income gap is very big in the railway system. Said, according to the local railway administrations, some long, level is generally place class or place class, annual income of up to 400000-500000, its belong to middle level, employees can also has nearly 200000 salary, but following a line of transportation scheduling, security and other kinds of passenger, freight, compiled by the staff workers, annual revenues in 30000-40000 yuan or so commonly, even lower. Place class cadres and front-line workers income gap will typically have about 10 times. Even the train driver, he said, this kind of high technical type of work, treatment is not ideal, in recent years, the train drivers turned on the subway. Employees is a reality situation, low salary, hard to attract talent, close to the ministry of railways said above, the railway system staff college degree or above accounted for much lower, and in the era of high-speed rail, a lot of new technology to personnel professional quality put forward higher request, pay rise especially frontline staff salary seems particularly urgent. Railways minister sheng guangzu, glamour lasts after, once after taking office, said at the plenary meeting of the first game of the sufferings should be concerned about worker, endeavor to realize the reasonable needs of employees. Since then, in April this year, before and after the whole system of front-line workers ushered in the 400 yuan a month per person increases, the pay is not involved in management and government cadres. Financial devolution debate the decentralization mainly centering round the right to autonomy, parts of passenger traffic and revenue sharing and cost accounting this financial liberalisation of the foregoing are discussing local railway administrations pay bottom line goal after five years implementation of annual per capita income 100000 yuan can realize was highly variable. ShuaiBin said, the current compensation per person in rail system is controlled in 50000 yuan, if the above target doubled during the twelfth five-year, actually is in line with national overall income distribution reform goals. According to the ministry of human resources and social security in the middle of April, the country in order to realize the worker wages grew by an average of 15% a year, during the 12th five-year implementation double wage growth. Just this one is still in the discussion it is not easy to want to achieve the target. The closer to the ministry of railways, railway and transportation related employees about 2009, 1.5 million people, and the overall compensation expense is about RMB 90 billion, this 90 billion cover the 1.5 million shipping staff and management for their employees. If according to this data, in order to realize this part at the end of 2015 railway workers pay 100000 yuan per capita goal, also means that the ministry of railways is transportation related employees pay alone will reach 150 billion yuan. The ministry of railways increasingly higher leverage can withstand such compensation costs growth? By the first quarter of this year, the ministry of railways asset-liability ratio has risen from 46% in 2008 to 46%, a total debt of 1.9836 trillion yuan. Some research institute and the ministry of railways has contact, expects the debt would continue