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suyu rail bolt groove with screw bolt Ming yu Ming yu orbit
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Ming yu railway track bolts
Outside the hexagon bolt, square neck bolt, U bolt, round head, countersunk head bolt, T bolt, carriage bolt, foundation bolt, live section bolts, square neck bolt, belt bolts, bolt, environmental protection, high pressure English, us-made bolt, hex flange bolts, expansion bolts, perforated, combination of sleeve gasket, bolt, various kinds of instrument lathe bolts, non-standard bolts.
Screw type:
PuTongJi screw, environmental screw, inch screw, us-made screws, socket head machine screws, high strength, machine screw, machine screw, combination set screw, half a countersunk head screw, lifting bolt, machine screw, electric screw, all kinds of washer), switch machine screw, non-standard screw machine screw.
Ming yu belongs to enterprises all passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. Ming yu railway products are exported to overseas, global reach, the railway products passed the BV, SGS, ABS and other international well-known testing institutions strict detection, Ming yu adhering to the "vying for the top 500, shi do 500" sustainable business management concept; "Among the industry forefront, vying for the world first, customers, employees, shareholders maximize satisfaction; product quality zero defect, zero distance communication services" for the enterprise and business vision; To "honest and trustworthy, enthusiastic dedication, customer first, quick reaction, have the courage to change, the pursuit of excellence" for the enterprise values of 24 words, committed to become a world-class railway fastener supplier.