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Railway infrastructure sectors affected by policy for short term and high long-term layout is not recommended
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According to the voice of the economy, the trade of live "report, jinyuan securities, chief investment adviser Han Hao 11 a.m. for a live trading, to review the market. Han Hao: for now, said both railway construction and water conservancy, etc., simple fact these varieties from the fundamentals of listed companies, including from the industry fundamentals, in fact now the competitiveness is not strong, profit ability is in go down, and there is no apparent a periodic inflection point. These plates are able to rise, including earlier we saw the railway infrastructure and plate appear short-term performance this year, but every performance did not leave policy expectations. At the end of may, then headed by iron 2 bureaus in the railway construction sector has been rising, the market rumors appear again the second version of the 4 trillion investment plan. But recently this time this section start sure or with before start a close to trillions of investment related. The market rebound is expected in the short term in policy first a change again, that is to say, you now may not be identified will be what kind of policy, but you at least think of investment policy is likely to be out, is likely to support these plates is active. But we can see is if these plates to remain strong, may be followed further cash policy, otherwise it will return to silence. So I now think for iron base, this type of construction mainly rely on investment-led these industries, the key still depends on policy. But I don't agree with their current has been a long-term layout of such a point, these predominantly middle rail infrastructure industry, their long-term opportunity, see of is not clear now. Because, for the moment, our entire economy down this kind of situation has not changed for a long period of time.


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