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Suyu railway track bolts
author:admin source:Suyu  published time:2012/8/23 8:54:58  browse the number:1093
Suyu railway track bolt is a kind of special railway standard parts for railway construction and maintenance, Ming yu railway track bolt product level is 8.8, 10.9. Electric galvanized surface treatment. Has the corrosion resistance.
Ming yu railway track bolt production process preparation formula design research to prevent loose crane rail curve of the structure of the rack rail electric truss beam dual axle suspension crane rail road track continuously without foundation pit dynamic rail weighbridge suction dredge rail tank automatic welding device of the ballastless track board template with rail device for railway, rail track structure die single plate embedded flat/guide rail at the junction of urban mass transit construction methods of low orbit device sliding doors on the top of the door.
Ming yu rail bolt automatically increase the service life of the lifting mechanism and performance stability, can be less in the bad environment and wind climate to work long hours, and reduce the cost and cost; Ensures that the composite bolt sleeve nut in screw panasonic orbit, after composite bolt nut can completely out of the sleeve, not influence the next step of work CARDS in the composite bolt sleeve; High pressure oil supply unit set out on the open torque output mechanism, greatly reducing the composite bolt sleeve on the effects of impact and vibration, improve the service life of the high pressure oil supply unit and effects.

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