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suyu railway track structure
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1. Track: Ming yu railway is one of the main technical equipment. Guide the train running orbit, directly from under the train load, and use it to subgrade bridge or tunnel structures. Track structure shall have sufficient strength, stability and durability, and with the correct geometry, ensure the safety of train, smooth and uninterrupted operation. 2. Rail by rail, sleeper, ballast bed commonly, switch, connect components and climbing equipment. 3. The main lines in our country rail type into track, heavy, heavy, neutral and light. When the design should be based on the principle of improvement from light to heavy. According to driving speed passenger train design and recent forecast traffic volume and other major operational conditions determined. 4. The function of the rail: Ming yu is an important part of railway track. Its function is to provide for the wheels rolling on the surface of least resistance, and guiding the train running wheels, wheel loads and pass it directly on the sleeper. In electric railways or automatic block section, function of rail and track circuit. Requirements: 5. Rail steel shall have sufficient strength, abrasion resistance and stability. Rail also should have enough stiffness, its smooth surface should be good, so when train effect not produce excessive deformation, in order to reduce the power train. 6. The type of rail, usually expressed as a number quality kg per meter. China railway rail 75, 60, and the main types of 50 kg/m and 43 kg/m. To meet the needs of special parts, dressed in standard rail profile, cut or special process rolling forming of special section of rail. 7. The rail profile: force acting on the straight track rails, its main ingredient is the vertical force. Rail under train load most of the bending stress distribution on the bottom of the rail head and rail to the best cross section shape of h.


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